A Brief on Past Christ@Work Conference -    The Workplace Spirituality Conference

The Christ@Work conference began with the intent of gathering Catholics in a full day conference to address issues of living out their faith in the area of their lives where everyone spends the bulk of their time in – their workplaces. As Catholics, called to live a vibrant faith, we need to live out our religion not just in churches and in our homes – but more so in our workplaces. The workplace where many of us spend the bulk of our time on during weekdays, see the time spent on work, as an end in itself – which is to provide the income to afford our needs. In the church’s teachings, however, work is not an end in itself but it’s the mission field where believers are challenged to live out its teachings. An entire paradigm shift is hence needed in terms of our understanding of God’s purpose for us in giving us work and how the workplace is an instrument where God’s graces can also be experienced.

With this objective, Christ@Work was established and held its inaugural sold- out

conference in 2005. It brought together more than 500 Catholics to discuss issues about practising and living out their faith in their workplaces through a power-packed day of talks, panel discussions and sharings. Since the first conference in 2005, three other sessions of the conference was conducted with participants for each session exceeding 400 attendees.

The main draw of Christ@Work has been its ability to consistently bring together a team of inspiring speakers to share their godly experiences in the workplaces. These speakers come from many different fields of profession and pursue different dreams of reaching out to their fellow brothers and sisters. Through the wide spanning professions of the speakers – Christ@Work brings out the truth that God’s call to us to be disciples at the workplaces runs across all types of work and it does not just appeal to jobs that are more giving in nature – such as teaching and medicine. Speakers, with their own personal experiences of seeking meaning in their own work, share invaluable lessons on how one should seek God in their daily lives through work.

As workplaces in Singapore continue to demand more of our time and efforts – many struggle even harder to strike a good balance between work, church and family and the Conference helps to seek out many who have been lost to their work to take a step back, and relook at their priorities and mission for the work that they are doing.

In an age where the nature of work is fast changing and the challenges posed to an individual from the stresses of work continue to mount, it is therefore timely that Christ@Work continues to realign all of us towards what God calls us to be at the workplaces.

This year, we are pleased to share that Christ@Work will be into its fifth run, with its tenth anniversary edition and it will be organised by Catholic Business Network.

Dinstinguished Speakers


Author of the best-seller Heroic Leadership, former Managing Director J.P. Morgan New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London, former Jesuit seminarian. A popular speaker on issues around leadership and he has been featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, and FastCompany.com. Chris lives in New York, and he chairs the board of Catholic Health Initiatives, one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States with more than 100 hospitals.


Chairman of Singapore Airlines and Chairman DBS Group Holding and DBS Bank, a banker for 33 years, he has extensive experience in the financial industry and has served as board member in 13 different organizations across 24 different industries. Peter is an active member of St. Joseph’s Church Interview by Christine Tan, CNBC


Professor Ordinarius in dogmatic and systematic theology in Loyola School of Theology (Philippines); Formator of Christian communities in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, Jake is a lay consecrated member of an international, ecumenical and missionary brotherhood called The Servants of the Word, and serves in a lay covenant community in Manila called The Joy of the Lord.

Panelist Speakers


Deputy Chair of Caritas Singapore. President of Catholic AIDS Response Effort.


Chief Executive Officer of Seoul Garden Group Pte Ltd.


Former President of Catholic Business Network Singapore (CBN).


Special Needs Educator working with Dyslexic children.

Mass Celebrant


Moderator for Panel Discussion


Director of Communications Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore.

Host for In Conversation


Anchor, CNBC.

Conference Emcee


Founder of Be The Voice Academy.



Registration (Light refreshments will be served)
Welcome And Praise And Worship
Opening Prayer
Opening Address
By Andrew Lee
Keynote Address

Great Leadership is Spiritual Part 1
By Christopher Lowney

Christopher Lowney,Author of the best-seller book Pope Francis: Why He Leads, The Way He Leads
Former Managing Director of J.P. Morgan and former Jesuit seminarian,Christopher Lowney is a popular speaker on leadership featured in Forbes,the Harvard Business Review and FastCompany.com.

Throughout the two sessions,Chris will develop a refreshing vision of leadership that is based on value like heroism,ingenuity, self-awareness, and love.He will explore the six powerful personal commitements which forms the basis of Pope Francis's leadership approach and teach us a simple,daily self- awareness technique for integrating our beliefs and our work, and for keeping ourselves on track despite today's chaotic, hectic workplace for the betterment of our families and communities.

In Conversation:

Integrating Spiritual and Professional Lives

Peter Seah,Chairman of Singapore Airlines and DBS Group Holdings Christine Tan,Anchor of Managing Asia, CNBC(Host) Practising Christian values in the workplace has its own challenges.How does it affect decision making?How does it influence leadership style?Personl experiences and views form one man at the the top - Peter Seah.

Praise & Worship
Why Small Groups?
An international Community's

Experience By Dr. Jake Yap Professor of Systematic Theology.Loyola School of Theology, Philippiness How to live out our faith with integrity in the modern workplace?By participating in small faith-based groups,we can build faith and receive and give support.This presentation will give both a theoretical framework for small groups and practical advice on making them work.

Panel discussion

Christian Community Experience -Faith In Action

Moderator:Andre Ahchak
Director of Communications
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore
1) Dr Jake Yap,Professor of Systematic Theology,Loyola School of Theology
2) Andrew Lee,Chief Executive Officer of Seoul Gardern Group Pte Ltd.
3) Stephen Raj .Former President of Catholic Bussiness Network Singapore
4) Anthony soo,Deputy chair of caritas Singapore and President of Catholic AIDS Reponse Effort
5) Marie Boon,Special Needs Eucacator working with Dyslexic children
A look into small sharing groups/communities experience and how it can help Christian

Tea Break cum Small Group Sharing
Great Leadership is Spiritual Part 2
Interval:Preparation for Mass
Mass Celebrated by Msgr. PHILIP HENG,S.J.
End of Conference



Individual Registration: $60 per participant
Group Registration (Minimum 5 pax & more): $55 per particpant.
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